Stacy Francis Media Pitch

Stacy Francis is the perfect performer for America's leading presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton won't be the only woman to watch at the Democratic National Convention later this month. Stacy Francis is an accomplished singer, stage actor, and TV star who has already had her share of high-profile audiences. She charmed the infamous Simon Cowell on The X Factor and was even flown out to the Caribbean to perform at Tom Cruise's ship-borne birthday bash. Now she will be the premier entertainer for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Francis' selection as the convention's spotlight singer is an intriguing choice. She and Clinton are both strong, resilient women whose success has come in spite of critics and adversaries in their professional lives, as well as personal hardships.

On the road to stardom, Francis has boldly shrugged off tabloid gossip and overcome the emotional wounds of an abusive relationship, while also raising two children on her own. Despite these trials, Francis has managed to climb high in the world of show business. Her diverse claims to fame include singing on Broadway, theatrical and film acting, and starring in both scripted and reality TV programs. She now also hosts her own Youtube talk show.

Clinton has had to reconcile infidelity in her marriage and weather repeated professional investigations on top of the typical scrutiny that comes with climbing the political ladder. Now the achievements in their respective fields will lead to them crossing paths at the DNC.

Keep an eye on Stacy Francis: the diva whose tunes will have the ear of the Democratic party, politicians of every level, and America's top presidential candidate!