Phone App - Achievist

"... Give your brain a break. You have enough to remember already! Make real headway with real feedback. Achievist lets you know where you're doing well and where you need work, so you can adjust, prioritize, or just pat yourself on the back for a job well done..." - Full text.

Web Content - Aerial Guard

"... The system will detect obstacles in the drone's flight path, alter course to avoid them and resume its original heading once clear. This automatic collision avoidance ability helps reduce UAV mission time..." - Full text.

Radio Ad - Snow Mountain Garlic

"... Our garlic comes straight from the pristine Himalayas, with no additional processing or chemicals added after harvest. All we do is pick, pack, and ship to you..." - Full text.

Media Pitch - Stacy Francis

"... Stacy Francis is an accomplished singer, stage actor, and TV star who has already had her share of high-profile audiences. She charmed the infamous Simon Cowell on The X Factor and was even flown out to the Caribbean to perform at Tom Cruise's ship-borne birthday bash..." - Full text.

Media Pitch - Medina Pullings

"... Clergy members like Pullings are often called to provide guidance in the most trying times and ease their followers' suffering. This position of trust and confidence puts her in the role of "first responder" to many personal crises, mental health problems, and family troubles..." - Full text.