Medina Pullings Media Pitch

This glamorous "Jesus Girl" has a gritty side.

Pastors and preachers are unsung heroes of the counseling world and Dr. Medina Pullings is no exception. Clergy members like Pullings are often called to provide guidance in the most trying times and ease their followers' suffering. This position of trust and confidence puts her in the role of "first responder" to many personal crises, mental health problems, and family troubles.

The experience is more than just occupational. Pullings has had to deal with many personal struggles on her climb to success: She overcame the rough start of growing up in the Bronx with a difficult home life, raised solely by her mother. From the humble beginnings of street preaching, she tirelessly built her following into an international congregation. She nearly lost her husband, Orrin Pullings, to a brain hemorrhage, and her church members in Richmond have even received death threats. Through it all, she has managed to raise five children, an impressive feat on its own.

The struggles have been worth it. Pullings' efforts have taken her far in life, allowing her to earn two doctorate degrees, make appearances on Christian television, and design her own "Jesus Girl" fashion line. She has also founded several philanthropic organizations, including The Princess Club and the Style and Grace Boutique.

Dr. Medina Pullings' expertise has aided many and deserves to be shared. Her personal and professional experiences with hardship have made her a veteran of mending interpersonal relationships, healing psychological trauma, and confronting people's personal demons. With such a background, she's perfectly suited to be your next spiritual authority, marriage advisor, or trauma expert.