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Aerial Guard's mission is to make the skies safer. Our first patent-pending collision avoidance system is already putting UAV pilots at ease and improving our clients' daily operations.


Our patent-pending collision avoidance technology provides robust, low-power aircraft sensing and control capabilities in a lightweight, compact and modular package. The system consists of three integrated subsystems: sensors and processors onboard the UAV, a ground station for operator control and our cloud based data analysis software. These three components combined allow for high level aircraft autonomy, while increasing safety, reliability and survivability.

Robust Collision Avoidance: Our hardware agnostic, robust and reliable obstacle avoidance system is capable of handling complex hazardous situations.

Intelligent Navigation: Integrating various navigation capabilities allows for autonomous drone decision making and behavioral adaptation.

Mission Planning: Our system aids in real-world mission planning and execution by utilizing accurate relative aircraft positioning and recognizing mission objective priorities.

Cloud: Real-time flight data is sent to our cloud based analysis software where machine learning algorithms are used to improve the performance of the system as a whole.


Collision Avoidance - Sense and Avoid Solutions:

In manual mode, "AerialGuard Guardian" serves as a safety net for your drone pilot, keeping them out of harm's way. If the system detects an object on a collision course with the UAV, it will override commands from the RC. This prevents the aircraft from flying towards the obstacle and gives the pilot the feeling of an "imaginary wall" keeping them away from the hazard. Testing has shown this function to be an effective aid when flying in high winds or if the drone's orientation is difficult to determine. Inexperienced pilots like the extra assurance it provides and it has even saved veteran pilots distracted at a crucial moment.

"Auto Sense & Avoid" enables fully autonomous drone flight: the Holy Grail of UAV operation. Any common autonomous mode, such as "Auto", "Guided", or "Follow Me" is supported. The system will detect obstacles in the drone's flight path, alter course to avoid them and resume its original heading once clear. This automatic collision avoidance ability helps reduce UAV mission time, increasing total operational efficiency.

Implementation Options

We offer three options for implementing our collision avoidance system:

  1. Full kit of new equipment including:
    • Mission computer
    • Stereo camera and acoustic sensor
    • Ground station - mission planner
  2. Software only option that can be adapted to existing hardware.
  3. Solution custom tailored to your existing UAV control system by one of our engineers.

It's our goal to enhance your operation's safety, confidence and performance. Contact us today to learn more.