Achievist - Summary

A minimalist goal tracker to help you achieve.

If you're committed to your goals, but you just have too many to remember... If you keep falling short of what you set out to accomplish... Stop forgetting and stay in control!

Achievist is a simple tool to remind you of your resolutions, and track your progress.

It's simple:

Achievist - Full Description

Improve your life, accomplish your goals, and achieve with Achievist!

You've taken on personal projects and resolved to better yourself. You're committed, yet you end up juggling so many goals that you can't remember them all. Do you feel discouraged by a lack of progress or is a new habit just not sticking? You have too much you want to do and you can't tell if you're getting anywhere.

Don't get overwhelmed. Take the load off your mind and keep yourself informed so you can truly achieve!

Achievist is a simple, minimalist goal tracking app. Just enter the activity you want tracked and how often you want to do it. Mark your tasks as "Yep!" or "Nope!" as you go about your life. Achievist will log how well you're doing and remind you of upcoming activities.

No need to complicate things. Figuring out new software can be a whole project in itself. Don't get stuck behind a learning curve, get to work on what's important to you. Achievist will let you work on what really matters without getting bogged down in unnecessary details. It's a simple "Yep!" or "Nope!" Don't break the chain!

Give your brain a break. You have enough to remember already! Make real headway with real feedback. Achievist lets you know where you're doing well and where you need work, so you can adjust, prioritize, or just pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Take charge of your life, keep yourself honest, and watch the green squares fill up. A beautiful unbroken chain of progress will take you to success, one step at a time.